The Story of the Corps

The corps was formed in 1971, to acquaint young people with the art of ancient fifing and drumming.

Uniformed as the French-Canadian Voyageur, who traded furs with the inhabitants on the Wabash around Ouiatenon, near present-day Lafayette, IN. From the very beginning, corps members have worn breeches, moccasins, long shirts, brightly-woven sashes, and topped off by the red voyageur's hats as worn by the 18th century fur-traders.

In the early 1990s, the corps was led by Lois Jacques and Steve Bloch.

By 1992, Terry Hart had assumed the role of director, and during this time the corps grew to nearly 30 performers, and made its first trip to Deep River, CT in 1997. The corps made such an impression that they were invited to return to Connecticut again in 1998 to perform at the National Muster in Warehouse Point.

In 2005, the corps took a long tour from Fort Meigs, OH, to Fort Niagara NY, and culminating at the national muster at Fort Ticonderoga, NY.

In 2006, the corps toured Colonial Williamsburg, VA.

Terry retired from the director's position in 2009, and was succeeded by Jerry Robbins.

Today, the corps...